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What Our Clients Are Saying...

"As an equipment manufacturer, we wanted the decals on our products to last the life of the machines, so we were looking for a reputable decal source. It was over 30 years ago that we were introduced to AGA. They have been our "Decal Source" ever since. The decals have been very high quality and have met our expectations. AGA - The Decal Source has also made several different banners and flags that we use at farm shows. AGA is very dependable and the service is top notch. Thanks for high quality products and service to match. They will be our Decal Source for years to come!"

- Jerry Johnson, President
Johnson Mfg., Inc.
Kulm, ND

"Thank you so much, Lori, for your attention to our needs. You have NO idea how much I enjoy working with a supplier that we can count on their word being gold or BETTER!!!!"

- Deb Macal
Rhino Marking & Protection Systems
Waseca, MN

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From Start to Finish, We Make Purchasing Decals Easy

At AGA our primary service is to help you find the right solution for all of your printing needs; and then to back that up by providing the necessary printing processes that will deliver a visually outstanding graphic. Whether you order one custom decal or place an order for thousands, you can be guaranteed that each piece will be visually inspected and that you will receive the exact quantity ordered.

As a small yet reputable printing shop, we provide a personalized atmosphere built on integrity, reliability and overall good ethics while also retaining the experience needed to meet all of your printing demands. Operating as more than a production company, AGA maintains a complete art department with over 30 years of experience and the most current graphics software.

Screen Printing

AGA provides UV screen printed decals using a very high quality ink system which has an outdoor durability (non-laminated) for 3-5 years. For increased outdoor durability, we recommend either an adhesive backed laminate or a UV Clear Coat.

With a complete screen making and reclaiming department, we can insure that when your job hits the press, it will be done right and on-time.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a direct to output device process; meaning the image is created digitally on the computer and directly transmitted to the output device. Because digital printing does not require the technical steps needed to make printing plates, stencils or screens, the turnaround time is generally quicker.

Once the digital print is complete it is in many cases, laminated and cut with a computerized plotter ~ eliminating the necessity and cost of die charges.

4-Color Process Printing

The latest addition to our digital department is a more Earth friendly latex wide format inkjet. With latex ink, prints are cured immediately and can be laminated soon after. This process has been improved over the years for increased outdoor durability equal to screen printing. Add a laminate and you have a very durable, 4 color process print which in today's market, will stand out in the crowd.

Domed Decals

Make your logo highly-visible by having our staff at AGA turn it into a domed decal. Dome decals are pressure sensitive decals with a clear epoxy resin finish over the top. The doming method gives the finished decal dimension and increased UV stability. These decals can truly be unique, as the doming resin will flow and conform to a variety of shapes and sizes. Aside from being more visually appealing, dome decals are often more durable, offer depth in a typically flat-print world, and are non-yellowing.

Polycarbonate Overlays

Let AGA accentuate the appearance of your produts by producing high quality graphic overlays. Polycarbonate overlays are extremely durable decals that are screen-printed subsurface (mirror image on the back of the material) and that surface is laminated with an adhesive. We typically develop these types of overlays for original equipment manufacturers, for use on remote control devices and instrument panels or to enhance your company logo.

These high-performance functional decals come with a variety of beneficial sticking points, including:

Polycarbonate Overlay Examples
Polycarbonate Overlay Examples

AGA's Mascot - Squeegee